Environmental Portraits for Servier

Servier Croatia hired me to photograph environmental portraits for their team. This happened during a company event in Cape Town. My client planned to produce a book for in house use on their return back home. Zelda from Pretty in the City did the make-up for the majority of portraits. Due to time constraints, we decided not to have professional makeup for the last round of environmental portraits. We shot on location at the Bay Hotel and La Tête. Both venues were great settings for the portraits.

Environmental portraits are both fun and challenging. They are fun because I can pair context and person and tell a story. The challenge is that I had little time to spend with each individual. We faced some location-based limitations and I couldn’t move around as much on the first day as I would have loved to, but it all worked out well.

I enjoyed the shoot over three days and we had to work with varying light conditions. I photographed about half of the environmental portraits, with studio lights and the other half with off-camera strobes shot through an umbrella. It was a fun challenge to find different contexts for each person to display each one’s individual character.

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Please contact me, if you have a similar project planned or would like to offer something comparable to your team.

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