Product Photography

Most of my product photography consists of small to medium sized items, such as wine bottles, handbags, picture frames, etc. On occasion, I tackle larger products, which I photograph on site.

You can differentiate between two types of product photography — product photography in front of a neutral or clean white background and styled product photography.

Products On White or Neutral Background

Example of a Carol Bouwer Handbag against white background
Example of a Carol Bouwer Handbag against white background

Product photography against a clean white background is the perfect choice to present the product to present its technical properties. How does the item look from different angles? How do the details look like? How does it look inside if it is a bag for example?

My clients use these images in their online shop1 to help their customers to decide which size or colour to choose to buy.

I photograph most of these products in my studio and either collect them from my clients or get them delivered. This helps with the turnaround time of the photography and costing. When I must set up on location, I do not only have to travel, but also first must set up before we start with the shoot. In some cases, especially with high value items, I prefer working on location.

When I photograph in my studio, I do not have to add travel time and can use the same setup for days if I must photograph high volumes of items.

My goal is to photograph the items in a way that minimises work in post-production. Again, this helps getting the final images to my clients faster.

Styled Product Photography

Example of a contextual product shot for Koelfontein Landgoed
Example of a contextual product shot for Koelfontein Landgoed

Styled product photography focuses on emotion. The image wets the appetite for the product by telling a story. A glass of wine next to a wine bottle is not just a technical image of wine, evokes the feeling of sitting down at sunset enjoying a glass of wine.

Depending on the product, I either must set up the desired look and feel in studio or go to a location and set up my studio there.

In many cases, it is more effective to go to a place that gives the context for the product.

Styled photoshoots tend to require more planning and can take longer to shoot. In some cases, I call in the help of a stylist, especially for food photography.

Styled shoots can go amazingly fast when light, context and styling are near perfect. This is not the case for most of these shoots, though.

Selection and Delivery

I deliver the images for final choice and download via an online gallery. I edit and retouch all my images before upload. The online gallery lets you download the images in the perfect resolution for your use.

Images are available for download for 30 days2 and I archive them after that. If you want access longer, we can arrange this with you for a fee.


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  1. Or print catalogues
  2. Including full resolution images

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