Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography

Commercial photography supports the sale of products and services. In other words, the photos tell a bigger story of a product or service. Beka-Schreder, for example, asked me to photograph current light installations of their LED lights in the Cape Town area. The product is the hero. The context tells the bigger story. It is here that you can see the benefits of the use.

Commercial photography can include lifestyle portraits, product or event photography.


I have been offering commercial photography for over ten years. This includes:

  • Custom stock images for client brochures,
  • Images of venues and rooms in hotels. You can see some of the images from the One&Only Cape Town in my portfolio.
  • Exterior and Interior shots of hospitals for Mediclinic. I did this all over the country.
  • Exterior and interior shots of shops.
  • Storytelling. For example, I photographed the process of how dried fruit is made for At Source – Handmade Foods. This included quarterly visits to the farm. I followed then the process from growing the fruit to drying and packaging.
  • Photography for law and accounting firms, consultants, investment firms,
  • Installations of LED Lights for Beka-Schreder as I mentioned before,
  • And many more
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Planning and Execution

Commercial photography shoots are defined by how my client sees their product or service in the market. We try to answer the questions: What makes the product unique? What are the benefits? How is it used? Who uses it?

Some clients require to have some colours in each image. Others, on the other hand, exclude some colours. Yet, other clients want a specific feel in the photos.

I plan and discuss with my clients:

  • the style of images,
  • the location and time of the shoot,
  • Necessary permits,
  • Safety measures, for example in an industrial area.
  • Number of looks and images,
  • retouch of the images,
  • The turnaround between shoot and delivery.
  • Professional Lighting: Where needed, I use studio lighting for the shoot.
  • On Location: I photograph most of my commercial shoots on location.
  • Optional Studio: Some commercial shoots require photography in a studio. I hire studio space for those shoots.

Delivery and Backup

  • Online Delivery: We deliver your images via a secure online gallery provided by Photoshelter, one of the specialists in image delivery in the world..You have access to the download for 30 days after delivery. You can download all your images in full resolution. In case, you have questions on how this works, please have a look at the How-To, I wrote.
  • Online Access: Some clients need access for more than 30 days. Of course, we can offer this to you. As we have to pay for the online storage, a fee applies for the service.
  • Backup: I keep your images and back them up. Many clients are surprised when I recreate a gallery within minutes even years after the shoot.


I quote for all bigger commercial shoots based on what my client needs. Please, contact me, if you have any questions or need a quote for your commercial photography shoot.