Portrait and Headshot Photography

Portrait and Headshot Photography

Jürgen’s Photography offers portrait photography for corporates, small and medium-sized businesses and for individuals.


With over ten years of experience in Cape Town, I know that many people don’t like the idea of sitting for a portrait shoot. It can feel awkward. I understand that, but there are few ways in which I help my clients in the process.

Preparation of your Portrait Session

Depending on the context of your portrait session, we might have to spend some time planning the shoot.

If I photograph a large number of individuals, I need to agree on a strategy together with you on how to make sure that everyone gets their slot for their portrait.

In some cases, we need to obtain permits for portrait photography on location. This is rarely the case but can be a requirement if it is a public space or where specific safety measures have to be in place.

Many clients have questions about their outfit and makeup for the shoot. In order to help, I wrote an article about how to prepare for your shoot here.

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The Shoot

  • Professional Makeup: An optional, but recommended addition to the shoot is professional makeup. When you know that you look great, your confidence automatically improves. You deserve the star treatment for your portrait. Professional makeup sets the tone and gives you the special look even if you just want to enhance your natural beauty.
  • Body language is another key aspect of your portrait. I guide you in finding a way to stand or sit that supports who you are in a body language that supports you.
  • Immediate Pre-Selection: Where possible, I load the images straight into a laptop during the shoot. Consequently, we can adjust immediately posing, make-up, lighting etc. As a result, you already have a good idea of how the final result will look like when you finished your session.
  • Professional Lighting: Jürgen photographs portraits with studio lighting and/ or natural light. The advantage of natural light is a faster move between different contexts. The advantage of studio light is the control and consistency of the light.
  • On Location: Jürgen comes to you to photograph your portraits. We want to keep the impact on your workday to a minimum and can set up a professional studio in most boardrooms.
  • Optional Studio: Most of the clients opt for on-location portrait sessions. If you want your shoot in a studio, we can arrange studio rental for you. This applies to situations, where a boardroom at your office is not big enough for what you need.

High Volume Portrait Photography

I offer high volume portrait photography for large organisations and events. I spread these shoots normally over more than one day. This means, if the total shoot would be possible to be completed in one day, I would shoot two half days. The reason for this is simple. It allows for catchup of employees, who weren’t available for the first day.

After the Shoot

  • Online Delivery: We deliver your images via a secure online gallery provided by Photoshelter, one of the the specialists in image delivery in the world.. You have access for download for 30 days after delivery. You can download all your images in full resolution. In case, you have questions on how this works, please have a look at the How-To, I wrote.
  • Online Access: Some clients needs access for more than 30 days. Of course, we can offer this to you. As we have to pay for the online storage, a fee applies for the service.
  • Backup: I keep your images and back them up. Many clients are surprised when I recreate a gallery within minutes even years after the shoot.

Do you want to learn about variations of portraits? I wrote a short article about different portrait styles.